Blockchain in the Rail Industry

Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change how we deal with contracts, transactions and shared data in the rail industry without further need of intermediaries.

Blockchain in the Rail Industry
Course Level
Type of Course

- IT or technology background with basic programing skills (Node.JS and Shell Script are beneficial) and Docker knowledge.
- A Mac, PC or Linux machine (min. 8GB RAM, 20 GB free storage) and VM Software (Virtual Box).

Your benefits 
  • Deepen your knowledge with example cases of Blockchain in the rail industry
  • Get to know the cryptography and programing foundation of Blockchain technology 
  • Set up a ledger and develop your own smart contract application

Course content
The lack of security is a major shortcoming of the internet: Is this information correct? From where and from whom does it come? Can I trust it? By contrast, the blockchain has only one truth – which everyone involved has agreed on. Each action is documented in a forgery-proof, clearly traceable way. An administrator cannot delete or modify content and the transaction history. Also, you do not need an intermediary such as banks, stockbrokers or other institutions to safeguard processing. 

At Deutsche Bahn the Blockchain team has been developing blockchain technology since 2018 with use cases from multimodal ticketing, logistics supply chains through to technical rail operations. In this course you will learn about the architecture, programming and cryptography of blockchain. Besides reflecting on example use cases from mobility companies, you will collect practical experience in dealing with the technology by creating your own Smart Contract application. In this way, you will deepen your understanding of technology and learn to overcome hurdles in dealing with the new technology.

  • Introduction to blockchain technology, cryptography and frameworks
  • Use case examples from the Deutsche Bahn Group and other mobility companies
  • Hands-on: Setting up your own blockchain
  • Structure of smart contracts 
  • Development of a Smart Contract application

To ensure a successful participation in this training, the following requirements need to be fulfilled.
You have:

  • Basic programing skills (Node.JS and Shell Script are beneficial)
  • Docker knowledge
  • A Mac, PC or Linux machine (min. 8GB RAM, 20 GB free storage)
  • VM Software (Virtual Box)
  • A good and stable internet connection
Start date

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Mon 8 Nov 2021, 9:00am–12:00pm
Tue 9 Nov 2021, 9:00am–12:00pm
Wed 10 Nov 2021, 9:00am–12:00pm
Thu 11 Nov 2021, 9:00am–12:00pm
Online Central European Time
4 days
1400.00 excl. VAT

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