CBTC Fundamentals

The course objective is to understand the fundamentals of the modern rail train control system, Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC).

CBTC Fundamentals
Course Level
Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits 
  • Increase your understanding of basic signaling and CBTC architecture, CBTC signaling components and their functions
  • Improve knowledge about normal and degraded operation of CBTC trains
  • Learn more about risk analysis including reliability evaluation of CBTC networks
Course content
In modern railway signaling systems Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) can mainly be used in urban railway lines, either for metro or heavy rail systems. CBTC systems are widely accepted worldwide as they help towards achieving maximum capacity, minimum headway and maintaining safety requirements.

This online training helps you to build up your knowledge of the fundamentals for CBTC. It gives you an introduction to CBTC system architecture and you will learn about the most important onboard and wayside components as well as existing and advanced CBTC data networks.

This course also includes a comparison of existing CBTC systems and upcoming ETCS levels in India. It helps you to understand the existing Grade of Automation in the Indian Metro system as well as degraded modes of operations. Furthermore, you will understand challenges in converting (CATC) signaling into CBTC and constraints of using data network. This training will also help you to understand special operations such as rescue of trains and operating work trains.
  • Introduction to Train Control systems (Overview of block systems, Track Detection Devices, Grades of Automation (GoA)
  • CBTC architecture
  • DCS Overview and its Functionalities
  • Terminologies used in CBTC system
  • Overview of various Track side and Train borne signaling equipment, i.e. signals, point, point machine, axle counter,  Zonal Controllers, VOBC, Accelerometer, Speed Sensor, Train Operator Display (TOD), Proximity Plate
  • Overview of Components of Communication, Wayside and Onboard Devices
  • Comparison of data communication system (WLAN, LTE, GSM-R)
  • Special Operations (rescue operation & work train operation)
  • Comparison of CBTC with Heavy Rail systems equipped with ATP/ATC systems and mainline railways not equipped with ATP system
Next Steps
Once you have successfully completed this course you can go on to take our advanced course Implementation of CBTC & Operation
Upon successfully completing both courses you can then certify yourself with our Certification as CBTC Expert on top.

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