Certification as CBTC Expert

An expert in Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) is able to understand its architecture, components, system functioning and operation.

Certification as CBTC Expert
Course Level
Type of Course

Successful completion of the “ONLINE TRAINING CBTC FUNDAMENTALS” OR previous experience with CBTC and successful completion of at least 3 modules covering the functionalities of CBTC

Your benefits
  • Raise your level to international standards by having a certification as a CBTC expert
  • Apply your knowledge and understanding of CBTC signaling, architecture, components and functions
  • Demonstrate your ability to deal with challenges in operating CBTC rolling stock on non-CBTC networks
Course content
In modern railway signaling systems Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) can mainly be used in urban railway lines, either for metro or heavy rail systems. CBTC systems are widely accepted worldwide as they help towards achieving maximum capacity, minimum headway and maintaining safety requirements.

This certification guarantees that you have a deep understanding of the CBTC system and its architecture. With this certification you are able to apply your specialized knowledge to support railway companies around the globe. It leads to you becoming a recognized expert in the technical components of CBTC taking into account the basics of CBTC technology and operations.

An expert in Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) understands the intricacies of regular and special operation, which helps to achieve the maximum capacity and bring flexibility in responding to traffic demand whilst maintaining safety requirements. An expert will know how to handle challenges in implementing existing legacy networks.

Requirements for taking the final assessment and achieving the certification:
You have successfully completed the “ONLINE TRAINING CBTC FUNDAMENTALS
You have previous experience with CBTC and you have successfully completed at least 3 modules covering the functionalities of CBTC:

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