Technology and Trends in Innovation - Transport Systems

Keeping up to date on innovative technology and trends is essential for the future sustainable development of passenger transport services.

Technology and Trends in Innovation - Transport Systems
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No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits 

  • Broaden your knowledge of innovative technologies and trends important for the future development of passenger transport services
  • Learn more about smart mobility and business intelligence
  • Discover the possibilities of environmentally friendly passenger transport services

Course content 
Just as people’s travel behavior and routines are continuously changing, new technologies and innovative services are evolving in passenger transport systems. Environmentally friendly and smart services such as electric vehicles, driverless vehicles and smart ticketing are a few of the options under development. Therefore, it is necessary to keep up to date with these trends and innovative technologies and their possibilities to ensure your passenger transport system is fit for the future.

This online course aims to build up an understanding of the factors that are considered important to the branch of knowledge and technology within transport systems. Aside from learning about smart mobility and business intelligence, you will take a closer look at app-based as well as automatic and robotic technologies. Moreover, by examining international case study examples in practice you will develop your knowledge of specific tools and how they affect the ability to adapt to and control the environment.

  • Important factors in innovation and technology concerning transport systems
  • Smart Mobility
  • Environmentally friendly passenger transport services
  • Automatic and robotic technologies
  • App-based technologies
  • Business Intelligence
  • International case study examples of innovative technologies in practice in the industry
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