Components of Rail Infrastructure & Maintenance

Get to grips with technical details. Improve the quality and efficiency of operations and maintenance processes by building up your knowledge of the principles of rail systems and the dependencies of each component. Develop a deeper understanding of key issues about rail infrastructure and maintenance.

Components of Rail Infrastructure & Maintenance
Course Level
Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits
  • Broaden your knowledge of the interconnection and interaction of the components of rail infrastructure
  • Acquire a good understanding of the dependencies between infrastructure availability and maintenance strategies
  • Gain valuable insights into which defects can occur and how to handle them effectively
  • Enhance your skills and abilities by learning under expert guidance how to analyze infrastructure and maintenance needs and implement planning approaches with the aim of improving the quality of operations and maintenance processes
Course content
This course provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of rail infrastructure. Looking at topics such as infrastructure components, maintenance principles and strategies, and common defects, this course leads to a comprehensive understanding of key topics concerning rail infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Technical details of rail infrastructure
  • Issues related to geometry
  • The most common defects of rail infrastructure - examples and implications of Deutsche Bahn
  • The principles of maintenance: terms, norms & standards
  • Different maintenance strategies
  • Handling of common defects of rail infrastructure: details on repairs
  • Special track structures
  • Deduction of further challenges of maintenance strategies
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