Online Training Rail System Engineering Fundamentals 2

Understanding Rail System Engineering fundamentals helps to evaluate the impact of human performance on system performance and recognize the importance of reliability engineering.

Online Training Rail System Engineering Fundamentals 2
Course Level
Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits
  • Gain competence in examining and evaluating the various components, factors and interfaces involved in rail systems
  • Strengthen your understanding of the different interactions and impacts which need considering to ensure a positive system performance
  • Improve your awareness for the complexity and challenges of rail systems and the importance of reliability engineering

Course content
The various components of rail systems interact with one another. On top come other factors such as human performance. A good understanding of these interactions and influencing factors within the rail system as well as being able to evaluate their impacts helps to find solutions to improve system performance.

This online training provides you with the concept of integration of rail systems looking closely at the components, factors and interfaces involved. In particular, you will focus on human factors and critically analyze and evaluate their impacts on system performance. In addition, you will learn more about reliability engineering.

  • Human Factors in systems, human capacity, human beings and machine roles in complex systems and system integration
  • Evaluation of the impact of human performance on system performance
  • Reliability engineering
  • Systems engineering tools
Next Steps
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