Integrated Management Systems iMS: Understanding and generating benefit from iMS

Management Systems professionalize and optimize processes and integrating these systems helps to generate synergies within the daily work of the rail sector.

Integrated Management Systems iMS: Understanding and generating benefit from iMS
Course Level
Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits
  • Gain a good understanding of the importance of iMS to increase the effectiveness of your management systems
  • Improve usage of management systems to ensure less time and effort are wasted in sustaining them
  • Professionalize the handling of your iMS further

Course content
The implementation and certification of management systems is a common requirement in railway business. The most common international regulations are Environmental, Operational Health Security and Quality Management ISO-standards as well as local safety regulations. Most of these standards follow the same high-level-structure, which offers the possibility of gaining synergies through integration. However, in many cases, real integration is not achieved. This is where integrated Management Systems come into play.

This online training offers you an approach of how to link the most common regulations in such a way as to really get the most benefit from integrating management systems. You will become aware of the importance of iMS in a railway company and through examples learn how to generate synergies within day-to-day work. This course is particularly intended for general managers and consultants who decide on the resources and structures for systems integration.

  • Fundamentals of an integrated management system
  • Importance of an iMS in railway business
  • Comparison of requirements of the most common ISO-norms and the concept of high-level-structure
  • Integrating certifications
  • Financial and non-financial benefits of iMS

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