From Quality Management to Agile Quality Management

In today’s volatile and ever-changing business, managers need to be agile and flexible. This means our ways of managing business and quality management need to change.

From Quality Management to Agile Quality Management
Course Level
Type of Course

Should have a good working knowledge and practical experience of Quality Management; should ideally have taken part in the course Advanced Quality Management Tools or have equivalent knowledge/experience

Your benefits
  • Broaden the way you view your company to improve your problem-solving capabilities on an organizational level
  • Develop your competencies to become an agile quality manager 
  • Learn more advanced methods that target not so much singular problems but fundamental procedures and the culture of a company

Course content
Today’s business world requires companies to find a balance between process stability and market/product flexibility. This is why being agile is important: Agile Quality Management requires re-thinking by the quality and company managers. 

In this interactive course you will begin by taking a different look at the company as an organization and discuss the interaction between process-stability and the need for flexibility that derives out of improvements and market development. Furthermore, on this basis, you will explore more fundamental tools of managing the company. These tools will aid you to move your company towards agility and a failure-acceptance / learning-culture. 

  • Reasons for changes in Quality Management: The need for Agile Quality Management 
  • The modern role of the Quality Manager: From Quality Assurance to Quality Management to Organizational development
  • The QM as internal consultant and QM-Tools for the next level, e.g. self-assessments, simulations, layered process audits

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