Using Canvas-techniques to deploy company strategy

Canvas-techniques offer a hands-on-approach to communicate company strategy to everyone helping to formulate and align goals, generate transparency and create plans of action.

Using Canvas-techniques to deploy company strategy
Course Level
Type of Course

Basic knowledge of strategy and business development

Your benefits 
  • Broaden your understanding of what makes a clear communication of corporate strategy and the business model
  • Acquire input on easily applicable tools to discuss and communicate business models of companies and internal operational units.
  • Learn more about fostering internal and external customer orientation 

Course content
Every company has a strategy. But strategy deployment is almost always a challenge. In many companies there is a clear vision at the top and then there is the day-to-day business on the operational level. Companies, however, need to formulate, disseminate and align company objectives throughout all levels of the organization. For this they also rely on and make use of the knowledge of all staff and communication is key. In modern transport companies, at least the team-leads must know the corporate strategy in order to identify their contribution to the company’s results and steer their teams into the right direction. 

In this online course you will learn more on how to ensure that your company goals are fully aligned with the day-to-day actions of everyone in the organization. Besides analyzing where the problems lie in strategy deployment, you will learn how canvas-techniques offer a hands-on-approach to communicate the strategy to the whole company and generate transparency on what the company is all about and what the individual’s contribution to the overall success is.

  • Seeing the whole: Why strategy deployment is a problem
  • Setting the aim: The primary target for strategy deployment
  • Telling the story: How to transport complicated strategies to everyone using canvas-techniques

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