Cargo Classification and Shipping Tools

The aim is to explore cargo types and their classification showing how this affects logistics planning as well as different handling tools for an efficient transportation.

Cargo Classification and Shipping Tools
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Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits 
  • Gain a better understanding of cargo classifications such as containerized cargo, over-dimensioned goods, dangerous goods (DRG), palletized, stackable cargo, etc.
  • Explore different shipping tools for the various cargo types (types of containers, trucks, trailers, Roll on Roll off (RORO), cranes, other shipping tools)
  • Learn more about factors to be considered regarding cargo classification, matters and dimensions (e.g. liquid, solid, chemicals, fragile, etc.) to ensure a safe and efficient logistics process is maintained

Course content
Cargo has different classifications according to matters and dimensions that affect the logistics process throughout all of its stages starting from the packing, handling, loading and stuffing, moving on to the transportation / shipping right up until the final delivery to the customer or stores.

In this training you will learn about the various cargo classifications and the different handling tools that can be used and look at the shipping equipment that perfectly fits the cargo to be transported in the safest, most efficient, economical, and profitable way. Besides considering factors that need to be taken into account for managing cargo safety during the various stages of the logistics process, you will learn more about some regulations related to the country, weather, roads, or customs, pointing to different areas where precise financial planning needs to be checked. 

  • Cargo classification according to matters and dimensions 
  • Packaging tools according to the cargo
  • Handling / loading tools for safety & proper handling
  • Shipping / transportation types
  • Factors for an efficient logistics process and financial planning
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