Introduction to Dangerous Cargo

The definition, classification and labeling of dangerous goods determines the rules and regulations for safe transportation.

Introduction to Dangerous Cargo
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Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits
  • Understand what dangerous goods are and how important it is that they be handled with utmost care, not only for safe transportation but mostly to avoid real disasters that can be very harmful to living beings, shores, and constructions.
  • Identify different classes / sub-classes of dangerous cargo along with their related labels and how to read their details, including the UN-Number (United Nations Number), an international code given to each class / sub-class
  • Learn about basic and mandatory documentation for transporting dangerous cargo
Course content
Dangerous cargo is a type of cargo that requires exceptional and precise handling for safe transportation of the goods and to avoid massive disasters. That is why additional fees are always associated with transporting and handling such type of cargo.

This online course will discuss essential requirements that need to be identified and considered when dealing with dangerous goods. It considers the main nine classes of dangerous cargo and the related sub-classes giving examples on each class as well as exploring the related label / the UN-Number (United Nations Number) that determines risks and restrictions associated with the handling of each class. Furthermore, you will also explore the MSDS (Master Safety Data Sheet), one of the essential mandatory documents for dangerous cargo.
  • Definition of Dangerous Cargo (DGR cargo)
  • Consequences resulting from the mishandling of Dangerous Cargo – real examples
  • Classification of Dangerous Cargo (9 classes and related sub-classes)
  • Coding of Dangerous Cargo / How to read & understand UN numbers (United Nations Number)
  • Dangerous Cargo labels / How to read
  • Mandatory documentation of Dangerous Cargo
  • Understanding the MSDS (Master Safety Data Sheet) 
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