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Sensors, smart infrastructure and digital tools help gain more efficiency in the hardware assets of the rail industry and provide a better service to the customers.
Top up on your accounting skills to keep ahead in the railway business. Brush up your accounting and controlling skills to help ensure positive future financial results.
Digitalization needs a fast and effective innovation process to evaluate new business models and integrate employees and their creative power into projects and business.
In today’s volatile and ever-changing business, managers need to be agile and flexible. This means our ways of managing business and quality management need to change.
The objective of this course is to learn and understand how the different railway brakes work to ensure a smoother and safer running of a railway.
Immersive technologies extend your physical reality in the rail industry – users either dive into a virtual reality or extend their field of view with a mixture of analog and digital elements.
The course objective is to define all processes and requirements to implement the Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) system and the fundamentals of the operations.
Every rail infrastructure system worldwide requires a comprehensive maintenance program, which helps to ensure that the rail-related infrastructure can be used efficiently and safely.
Management Systems professionalize and optimize processes and integrating these systems helps to generate synergies within the daily work of the rail sector.
Rolling stock, infrastructure and technical systems are becoming more and more intelligent and connected so increasing the speed, efficiency and reliability of railway service.
The definition, classification and labeling of dangerous goods determines the rules and regulations for safe transportation.
International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) provide a globally applicable standard for delivery terms in international business transactions.
In passenger transport different types of work must be done where the lean or agile methodology might be applied. The right choice of method is key to customer satisfaction.
ATO (Automatic Train Operation) and DTO (Driverless Train Operation) are key elements for improving energy efficiency and increasing line capacity in the railroad sector.
This course explains the rail system principles and the dependencies of each component to aid you improve the quality and efficiency of operations and maintenance processes.

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