Railway Transport College & Vocational Education

Vocational education (VET) and training in Georgia has been undergoing a reform process since 2013. Dual method had not been in place (institutionally or informally) in Georgia prior to this reform. Georgia is drawing from a wide range of international institutional actors to support this. The goal of this education and training reform is to implement a dual system ("Worked based learning“) modeled on the German vocational training and guided by the Ministry of Education and Science.

The key features and core goals of the new VET system in Georgia comprise:

  • Establish vocational education and training according to European best standards and practices
  • Check training and new draft syllabuses and elaborate a gap-analysis
  • Develop the adequate methodology of teaching collaboratively with Georgian Railway according to international practice
  • Train-The-Trainer according to European standards
  • Assist RTC in establishing long-term continual training programs

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