Lean versus Agile Management in Passenger Transport

In passenger transport different types of work must be done where the lean or agile methodology might be applied. The right choice of method is key to customer satisfaction.

Lean versus Agile Management in Passenger Transport
Your benefits 
  • Distinguish between the different methodologies and their terms of usage (different types of projects or work)
  • Get to know similarities and do’s & don’ts 
  • Enhance your ability to apply the right method to the job through practical experiences and exercises

Course content
Digitization is one of the megatrends and innovation drivers of the 21st century, and a digitalization approach and implementing the right methods and tools means companies can remain responsive to ever-changing market conditions and customer needs. Lean and Agile Management both aim to satisfy the customer needs as quickly as possible. But which method is the right one to use considering the aim to be achieved and the people involved in the work to be done? 

This course provides you with a comprehensive knowledge of the lean and the agile methodology. It will enable you to distinguish between different types of projects and it will enable you to choose the right methodology to apply to the project work. You will discover that basic principles and tools can even be used in everyday life. Based on practical examples of Deutsche Bahn, this course aids you to deal professionally with a wide range of situations and challenges. 

  • Basics about principles and values in Lean and Agile Management
  • Tools like TIM WOOD, Kanban
  • Practical exercises using key tools
  • New trends and truths about the application of the knowledge 
  • Insights into Deutsche Bahn Group examples
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