Digital Customer Experiences for Railways

Digitalization changes the services that rail companies can provide to their customers as well as the way customers interact with the company and their services.

Digital Customer Experiences for Railways
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No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits 
  • Gain an overview of upcoming technologies and business models for digital customer experiences 
  • Learn about case examples of the Deutsche Bahn Group and other railways
  • Reflect on possible case examples of your company 

Course content
More and more people own smartphones and have the endless possibilities of the digital age always with them. Therefore, it changes how people expect digital services to work from a customer point of view as well as the employees’ point of view. It also enables new services, which diffuse the boundaries between rail, public transport and taxi services, thus allowing more people to travel without their own car. We are also seeing first trends that will come after the age of smartphones: digital avatars speaking and understanding several languages, devices you wear on your body to keep your hands free, voice-based human-machine-interaction and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. 

In this course you will familiarize yourself with important technologies, business models and new services for digital customer experiences. Besides examining example cases of the Deutsche Bahn Group and other rail companies, you will have time to reflect on example scenarios for your own company.

  • New digital services with ridesharing and autonomous vehicles
  • Mobile applications everywhere
  • Digital services onboard and at stations
  • New user interfaces: Voice, Chatbots, avatar systems
  • Wearables bring technology to workplaces where hands free is key
  • Example cases of the Deutsche Bahn Group
  • Scenarios for usage in your company
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