Digital Rail Manager

The program guides you through the main topics of the digitalization of the rail industry and the possible changes in operation, maintenance and interaction with customers.

Digital Rail Manager
Product Area
Course Level
Type of Course

- Professional experience of min 3-5 years in the transport sector
- Current position as a decision-maker in a transport company, governmental entity or any other organization related to transportation
- Minimum attendance of 80 % and completion of assessment

Your benefits
  • Increase your understanding and strengthen your management skills in your role within the transport sector
  • Understand the principles of digitalization in the rail and mobility ecosystem as well as the connection between different technologies and trends.
  • Raise your level to international standards by having access to cutting-edge benchmarks of the Deutsche Bahn Group
  • Develop new ideas and discuss your experience directly with our DB consultant
  • Gain impulses to apply the learnings directly in your daily business and support the evolvement of the sector

Course content
Digitalization is here to stay and will fundamentally change the rail, logistics and mobility sector with borders between sectors vanishing and new players entering the markets. Knowledge about the chances and possibilities of digitalization is no longer only the task of the IT-department, but in a generic understanding needed for every management position. 

This program will help you understand the influence of digitalization aspects into management decisions: The most important aspects of each of the basic areas of digitalization in the mobility sector will be highlighted by introducing the state of technology, use cases and common misconceptions. This new perspective focuses on the direct transfer of knowledge of DB consultants who have proven to be successful in digitalization projects for the mobility and railways industry. 

The program has a minimum workload of 60 hours distributed on 20 days within 16 weeks and will be conducted as online sessions.

Module 1: Rail Companies in the Digital Age

  • Self-reflection: Where does our company stand in the age of digitalization
  • Identify a challenge for the course of the program
  • Digital trends in the mobility market
  • Social trends related to mobility
  • Changes in business models in the mobility market
  • Impact on strategy, leadership and cooperation

Module 2.1: Core Technologies of Digital Railways I  

  • Blockchain
  • Cloud
  • Internet of Things and Connectivity
  • Big Data & Artificial Intelligence
  • Example cases of the Deutsche Bahn Group
  • Scenarios for usage in your company

Module 2.2: Core Technologies of Digital Railways II

  • Digital Workplace and digital collaboration to speed up your processes
  • Workflow automation for reoccurring tasks to focus on important tasks
  • Mixed reality: Augmented and virtual realities change human machine interaction
  • Cyber security for rail companies
  • Example cases of the Deutsche Bahn Group
  • Scenarios for usage in your company

Module 3: Digitalization of Rail Assets 

  • Optical and acoustic infrastructure monitoring
  • Data as an asset: Analytics, big data and machine learning
  • Smart infrastructure: Switch monitoring, smart scotch blocks
  • Digitalized maintenance
  • Automated and autonomous driving
  • Blockchain for steering infrastructure
  • Example cases of the Deutsche Bahn Group
  • Scenarios for usage in your company 

Module 4: Digital Customer Experiences for Railways 

  • New digital services with ridesharing and autonomous vehicles
  • Mobile applications everywhere
  • Digital services onboard and at stations
  • New user interfaces: Voice, Chatbots, avatar systems
  • Wearables bring technology to workplaces where hands free is key
  • Example cases of the Deutsche Bahn Group
  • Scenarios for usage in your company

Module 5: Foster Digital Innovation at your Rail Company 

  • Agile mindset and iterating to your goal
  • Design Thinking & Lean Startup
  • Scrum, Enterprise Kanban
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Hackathons & Open Data
  • Case examples of the Deutsche Bahn Group and other rail companies
  • Scenarios for usage in your company

Module 6: Assessment    

  • Final assessment


  • Online training 
  • Assessment

The program is led by a moderating guide from DB Systel, the digital hub of the Deutsche Bahn Group. In addition, experts in the field will present up-to-date and innovative business cases.

Each module will provide an introductory overview of each subject by integrating best practices and lessons learned of the Deutsche Bahn Group. Depending on the content, the duration of the individual modules varies from 1 to 4 days and the whole program spans a course of 16 weeks in total. 

Final assessment: The overall assessment of all modules is held in module 6. This will reflect on what has been learnt in the individual modules in relation to one’s own business.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive an international certification. The certificate will be awarded to the participant who obtains a minimum attendance of 80% (eighty percent) and approval in the formal learning evaluation held in the final course module.
After successful participation in the program the participants receive a certification from DB Rail Academy.

DB Rail Academy focuses solely on offering training courses to larger groups from companies. If you and your company are interested in this course, please contact us via email: so we can plan the next steps with you.