Foster Digital Innovation at your Rail Company

Digitalization needs a fast and effective innovation process to evaluate new business models and integrate employees and their creative power into projects and business.

Foster Digital Innovation at your Rail Company
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No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits
  • Gain an overview of concepts for fostering innovation and digitalization at rail companies
  • Learn about concepts of the Deutsche Bahn Group and other railways
  • Reflect on possible concepts for your company

Course content
New digital ideas develop quicker than the development of a business plan with hundreds of pages needed in writing – and by the time the writing is done, technology and requirements might have shifted to something else. Therefore, we need to develop digital ideas in a quicker, more agile way, especially when we can imagine how the idea will turn out but have no clear picture of the obstacles and technology changes we will face in development. Also new ways of business partnering with startup companies, hackers or third-party companies arise and create new opportunities for solutions.

In this course you will gain an overview of the so-called agile or iterative management and mindset as well as methods for a quick development and testing of business model ideas. Through examples, you will learn more about why working with hackers and providing non-critical business data on open digital platforms can help create new ideas, and how your own employees can be empowered to follow their ideas for new services. Furthermore, you will gain insights into sample cases from the Deutsche Bahn Group and other rail companies as well as have time to reflect on example scenarios for your own company.

  • Agile mindset and iterating to your goal
  • Design Thinking & Lean Startup
  • Scrum, Enterprise Kanban
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Hackathons & Open Data
  • Case examples of the Deutsche Bahn Group and other rail companies
  • Scenarios for usage in your
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