Online Training Successful with Railway RAMS

RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety) is a decision-making key factor in railway business to improve the operational effectiveness.

Online Training Successful with Railway RAMS
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Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits
  • Gain a good understanding of railway RAMS and how it is applied in projects
  • Learn how to manage RAMS during design, implementation and operation & maintenance
  • Improve your ability to choose and apply RAMS analysis and evaluation techniques

Course content
Product liability is gaining importance for the entire rail system in times of growing ridership, increasing digitalization and shorter product lifecycles. Each stakeholder must demonstrate that the rail system is safe, reliable and predictable, with an acceptable residual risk level​, and that it can be economically operated and maintained.

With this course you will understand the concept of RAMS and why it is so important for a successful railway business. This online training provides you with a comprehensive overview of RAMS in railways. Many people associate the acronym RAMS with hazard analysis and safety cases and that both activities actually function “on top” of the actual design and construction. It is often believed, they are best done at the very end of the project. With us you will learn that RAMS is much more. It is a management and engineering approach to ensure a successful implementation of the operation and maintenance of the system during and after the project. 

  • RAMS and its context
  • RAMS (project) management
  • RAMS analysis and prediction
  • Risk assessment and hazard log
  • Safety integrity levels
  • Safety case and safety assessment
  • Lifecycle costs (LCC)
  • Performance monitoring and reporting

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