Training Needs Analysis

We uncover your training needs

Many organizations fail to recognize the value of training to ensure safe and reliable rail operation as well as to stay competitive. We help you to identify the knowledge gaps between of your employees and show you how to tackle them.

It can be a challenge to schedule all trainings and to ensure that each employee gets the most benefit from the training that has been been selected. A comprehensive Trainings Needs Analysis reveals what training in which area for which occupational group is needed and makes it easier to focus on the right topics.

We support you in identifiying trainings that you may not have considered and how to prioritize and structure the needs. We make sure that the identified training is aligned with your company goals and will allow you to focus your resources.

Training Needs Analysis

Our Service

Status Quo Analysis:

  • Assessing the status quo, capacities and weakness
  • Existing qualification structures and  trainings
  • Laws, rules & regulations as well as local qualification framework and socio-cultural context

Target & Requirements Identification:

  • Identifying the targets & requirements
  • Expectation of graduation and expertise level, interest of relevant stakeholders
  • Identifying and consolidating the targets concerning training

Gap Analysis:

  • Identifying and analyzing the gaps between status quo and target state
  • Matching and comparison of results between data research, interview conductions and strategic transport schemes

Training Needs Definition:

  • Prioritizing and derivation of trainings needs
  • Deriving and prioritizing trainings needs by the level of positive impact
  • Outlining available options for closing the qualification gaps and recommendation for implementation
  • Prospects of further activities


You would like to identify the knowledge gaps before they become a challenge? 

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