Railroad Track Construction

This course examines issues related to the functional design, construction and maintenance of linear railway infrastructures and their interdependence with rolling stock.

Railroad Track Construction
Course Level
Type of Course

No prerequisites or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits 
  • Learn about the degradation mechanisms of the railroad and its components
  • Acquire a good understanding of the different techniques of construction and track renewal 
  • Improve your ability to choose between different maintenance techniques

Course content
Maintenance is essential during the track cycle of the railway. It is important to keep the railway in acceptable conditions for an effective and efficient operation. However, when normal maintenance is not possible, for example, as a result of aging, or when the requirements of the rail traffic are incompatible with the conditions of an existing, functioning railroad, the track must be renewed.

In this course the different techniques of maintenance, renovation and construction of railways will be examined and explained. It is important that the construction and maintenance of railways goes hand-in-hand with the management of the circulation of vehicles and the safety of the railway infrastructure. By analyzing international case studies, you will deepen your know-how in this area and appreciation of the interdependencies. This in turn will help you improve your technical work related to the construction and maintenance of railways. 

  • Degradation of track geometry and components
  • Life cycle cost
  • Maintenance
  • Track installation
  • Renewal of track
  • Methodologies and Machines

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