Rolling Stock Fundamentals

Develop your competence in the area of rolling stock and vehicle technology. Understand the technical complexities and importance of reliability and maintainability of rolling stock to find sustainable solutions in future. Enhance performance and profitability.

Rolling Stock Fundamentals
Course Level
Type of Course

No prerequisite or pre-knowledge necessary

Your benefits
  • Enhance your knowledge of the fundamental concept of rolling stock and its sub-systems
  • Gain a good understanding of the technical complexities, costs, reliability and maintainability of rolling stock 
  • Improve your awareness for the implications of management challenges in this area and increase your ability and confidence to act by examining possible solutions 
Course content
This course provides you with a comprehensive overview of the principle elements of rolling stock, the basics of vehicle technology, and technical considerations specific to the mode of transport and element of rolling stock. Furthermore, it looks at traction systems, explains fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics, and includes insights into reliability and management challenges. It leads to you being able to develop an understanding of the technical complexities, costs, reliability and maintainability of rolling stock.
  • Basic elements of rolling stock  
  • Short history of the railway traction design 
  • Terminology for railway transport traction systems and their components 
  • Basic electric and electronic engineering as found in traction systems 
  • Technical consideration of a specific element of rolling stock   
  • Traction basic physics   
  • Electric traction and sources  
  • Undercarriage principles and science 
  • Management challenges 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IMPORTANT NOTICE
This course is offered as a classroom training. Due to the ongoing COVID19 restrictions we are unfortunately unable to offer any dates in 2020.
New course dates for 2021 will be coming soon.

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