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Assessment Center

Discover talent gaps 

We support you in developing & implementation of Assessment Centers to find the most suitable candidates for your vacant positions or to identify competency gaps among your employees.

An assessment center is a complex assessment procedure that tests & compares applicants on their strengths & abilities over a longer period of time. It helps evaluating & ranking personal & professional competencies in order to ultimately make a personnel decision.

Components of an Assessment Center

In an Assessment Center the candidates get tested individually or in a group over a period of one to a few days. The tests focus on topics such as technical competence, creativity, teamwork, spontaneity or social behavior. The skills are tested in a combination of different tasks & exercises. We develop the components of the Assessment Center according to your use case and the position to be filled in your company. 

Possible components:

Components Assessment Center

Types of Assessment Centers

The kind of Assessment Center that will be used depends on the use case like the advertised position. The type of Assessment Center also determines how many candidates are tested. 

Possible types of Assessment Centers:

Different types of assessment centers