Competency Management

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We offer a variety of Competency Management solutions. All of our solutions help you to have a more efficient company structure with clear systems for both the employer & the employee, because an efficient competence management system identifies the task- & activity-specific competence requirements of the organization, individual employees & departments. Efficient measures for personnel & organizational development can be derived from a target & actual comparison.


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Development and Implementation of Competence Management Systems

After an analysis of the current status quo, our consults will develop and help implement unique Competency Management Systems for our clients. This framework will help give a overall company structure. A competency management system can include developing competency profiles, development measures, catalogues and templates.

Identification of Critical Positions and Analysis of Competency Requirements

DB Rail Academy consultants will provide an analysis of the client company's competency requirements as well as looking at the key positions at the company. An analysis of the critical positions and the competency requirements helps the client company have concrete facts to build upon and plan for their future competency management needs. 

Development of Competence and Educational Frameworks

Competence and educational frameworks provide a structure and roadmap for companies as they plan for the future. As a company grows and develops so should the competency needs and training needs of a company in order to meet demand. 

Development of Individual Competency Profiles

An individual competency profile targets each unique positions at company. The profile will highlight the skills and proficiency levels need to satisfactorily complete the job. Additionally, the profile will have room for an assessment of each employee's current skillset. This helps employees and managers evaluate skills, identify gaps, plan for future training and career development. 

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Competency & Performance Management

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Competency & Performance Management is a holistic & ongoing process. It involves establishing a system, developing & adapting competencies based on new requirements & evaluating performance continuously. The core of Competency & Performance Management is integrating & translating company targets into systems in order to implement them in day-to-day activities.

Competency Structure

Our Competency & Performance Management Services review your existing competency & performance model to determine whether it makes sense, and support you to implement a transparent system geared toward your employees' individual development & your company's targets. As a result, you'll receive a competency model that's a better fit for you – or offers a brand new approach – including a performance & target-setting system.