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2nd Class of the International Training Program for Rail and Logistics Management

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Graduation ceremony took place virtually

On November, 19, the 2nd class of the international program in Brazil celebrated their graduation online and marked the completion of the course. Especially, in times of profound changes like nowadays, our human capital has become more an essential factor in the implementation for new solutions and decisions within companies. With the closing of the second class of the International Certification course in Rail and Metro Rail Systems Management, a new group of 37 managers  from 15 Brazilian companies is already ready to do something.

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All participants successfully performed during the 3 days of final assessments and presented in 10 group their 2 months of hard work whilst presenting an outlook and potential gamechangers for the Brazilian transport sector. On the 4th day, the closing ceremony was taking place online with high representatives of CNT (Confederação Nacional do Transporte), SEST SENAT, ANTF (Associação Nacional dos Transportadores Ferroviários) and ANPTrilhos (Associação Nacional dos Transportadores de Passageiros sobre Trilhos) as well as from DB.

The certified program is promoted by SEST SENAT, coordinated by ITL (Institute of Transport and Logistics) and operated by DB Rail Academy. During the graduation ceremony, the president of CNT, Vander Costa, could not take part in person but gave a video message where he highlighted the importance of qualification:

"Knowledge will provide even more competitiveness for companies. The pandemic has brought the need for new processes and for them to be executed we increasingly need well prepared leaders"

The executive director of ITL, João Victor Mendes, remembered the effort of the students to conclude the course in a moment of so many difficulties: "We closed a class that worked hard in a year with so many changes. We are very proud of this new generation of professionals that is being trained. We are, every day, trying to adapt to the new trends to allow new experiences to our students and their applicability within companies".

"It wasn't easy to conclude the processes in such a difficult year. We faced great challenges to finish the certification. And this shows that the students are even more prepared to face the future and its difficulties", completed the deputy director of ITL, Eliana Costa.

The president of ANPTrilhos and vice-president of Cargo and Passenger Transportation of CNT, Joubert Flores, participated in the ceremony and congratulated CNT for the course. "This international certification is very important for the improvement of the knowledge of professionals in the metro-rail sector and one of the most important actions that CNT offers to our sector", he highlighted.

For the technical manager of ANTF (National Association of Railroad Transporters), Heider Gomes, this is a moment of opportunities. "Knowledge is essential for the competitive world in which we are inserted. We have a lack of certifications directed to the sector, and the investment in education is an essential activity to modify the individual and the companies".

"One of the great results of the course is the possibility of presenting projects that will be applied in the improvement of the efficiency of the transport operations", highlighted the deputy director of SEST SENAT, Vinícius Ladeira.


Overview of project works:

  1. Quality management system over the maintenance processes of METRÔ-DF
  2. Human Factor
  3. Fuel cell application on Heavy Haul railways
  4. Turnout Training to managers
  5. Risk Management on Passengers Rail Transport. Approach of hazard operation process – Hazop technic
  6. LCC (life-cycle cost) of railway rails: operational performance applied as differential on Vale’s railways” „Assets and Maintenance Shared Services Business Plan
  7. Maintenance with Big Data and Agile Methodology: application in the passenger railway
  8. Railway track sustainability at MRS Logística through renewal strategy - a case study
  9. Maintenance strategies for permanent way: an integrated approach

About the program:

This certification program is for management staff, experts and talents in all types of the Brazilian passenger rail transport sector and for managers, experts and high potential talents from freight rail sector. The second delivery of the program started in August 2019 and lasted  18 months, initially in presence, and the last modules 6 “Leadership” and 7 “Economics” fully online. 


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