20.03.2019 16:34

DB Rail Academy at the Middle East Smart Mobility in Dubai


The Middle East Smart Mobility is a strategic high-level conference and collocated exhibition covering major industry trends from intelligent transport systems, autonomous travel, urban planning, sustainable mobility, payments and ticketing, big data and analytics, connected transport and much more in February 2019. It brings together over 7500 attendees from across the region and will cover the entire smart transport ecosystem.

Heiko Scholz, Director DB Rail Academy, the international training provider of DB Engineering & Consulting, spoke as one of the over 200 speakers about the impact of the exponential increase of knowledge and technology in the world. He explained the knowledge-doubling curve, jobs which will disappear through digitalization and which new requirements need to be integrated into curricula of future vocations. He raised the question how to prepare companies and individuals for the upcoming challenges of digitalization and showcased concrete experiences of Deutsche Bahn.

Finally he showed innovations in training and development including virtual and augmented reality training and launched DB Rail Academy’s managerial educational programs on digitalization.

Heiko Scholz, Global Director DB Rail Academy
DB Rail Academy

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