28.05.2019 10:13

DB Rail Academy started training in Latin America

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International Certification in Management of Rail and Metro Rail Systems - Graduating Class 2019

On 19 February 2018, the first DB Rail Academy training program took place in Brazil. 35 managers in rail freight transport, logistics and rail passenger transport took part in the "Rail Operations" module. Within 18 months, they were given a comprehensive understanding of the railway system in 7 wide-ranging modules. The National Transport Network of CNT (Confederação Nacional do Transporte), which is responsible for the maintenance and further development of the transport and logistics sector, supported this comprehensive program. At the same time, the CNT is responsible for managing the public transport system (SEST) and the national education service for the transport sector (SENAT), which is responsible for carrying out social, educational and training activities. The program came to an end on 20 March 2019. All 35 managers successfully completed the program and subsequently received a nationally recognised certificate. In the week from 20 to 24 May 2019, participants had the opportunity to take part in a study trip. Part of this tight program included a visit to Europe's largest railway station in Hamburg, a tour of various train operations, a ride on an ICE, and a visit to the Skydeck, one of many innovation laboratories of Deutsche Bahn AG, in Frankfurt. The study trip was concluded with a further presentation of certificates by high-ranking representatives of the Brazilian railway sector and DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH in the Bahntower in Berlin.

Results and outlook 
The program in Brazil shows that the DB Rail Academy concept of continuing to export 180 years of railway knowledge has taken hold. Mr Schulte, Specialist Trainer for Economics, has recognised the great potential of Deutsche Bahn and sees, for example, infrastructure as one of the major issues for the future. "I think these are future projects that connect the world and the railways are very strong in this respect," says Mr Schulte about the concept of the DB Rail Academy. Mr Wegerif, Managing Director of DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH, also feels that the DB Rail Academy's training concept is unique and stresses that "new ideas and innovations must be discussed especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers". Such a training program is not only important in Brazil, because "rail-specific knowledge and knowledge about mobility solutions must be disseminated worldwide. This is the only way to communicate the connections between globalization, growth of the world population, mobility, logistics and environmental protection". In addition to the transfer of expert knowledge, the DB Rail Academy has contributed both to networking and to the internationalization of the Brazilian railway sector. This training program has thus awakened the need for efficient change in the Brazilian railway sector. The second class will complete the first technical training module in August and will certainly be highly motivated to push ahead with further changes.