26.11.2020 10:00

DIANA - On the way to "Predictive Maintenance" with the new digital current- and voltage sensor


DIANA - On the way to "Predictive Maintenance" with the new digital current- and voltage sensor

The digitalization of the maintenance of railway assets is very much in line with Deutsche Bahn’s "Strong Rail" strategy and an important area of responsibility of DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH as part of the DB E.C.O. Group. Continuous condition monitoring of railway assets in order to identify deviations in time before malfunctions occur is an important part of this process. DB Engineering & Consulting has therefore developed its own innovative sensor in order to enhance continuous condition monitoring. With more measured data than previous sensors, this new digital sensor IDS (Innovative Digital Sensor) enables a decisive step from condition-based to predictive maintenance and to long-term forecasts. It will help to identify yet unknown wear and tear on e.g. point machines and to improve the analysis and diagnosis of railway assets. The overall goal is higher system availability with simultaneously reduced costs.

Johanna Döll, Product Manager | Digital Solutions Products
DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH - Part of the DB E.C.O. Group

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