12.06.2020 13:09

Run on free "Learning Nuggets" from DB Rail Academy


The COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on many sectors of the economy. Just like DB, railway companies around the world have had to shut down operations and face major operational and financial challenges as a result of the crisis. In order to give our international customers the opportunity to find out about current developments and innovative DB E&C products while working from home or during short-time working, short, free online training courses have been offered since mid-May. At the same time, this has also helped to maintain customer relations despite the pandemic.

With the help of experts from various divisions of DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH and various DB Group companies, interesting and informative topics are offered in compact form as one-hour free "Learning Nuggets". A digital coach from DB Rail Academy prepares the speakers for the task in hand and moderates the event. In addition to the classic lecture, several interactive methods are used to make the learning experience exciting and sustainable.

Interest in the DB Rail Academy “Learning Nuggets” has been very positive. After only a short time, the number of registrations increased rapidly. Within two weeks, almost 600 interested participants from over 50 countries registered. Initially, a total of 10 sessions will be offered on topics such as Business Continuity Management, Predictive Maintenance, Quality Management, Operations Planning, Tariff Systems, RAMS and many more. 


Take a look at our Learning Nuggets here: https://railacademy.deutschebahn.com/en/learning-nuggets