04.12.2020 17:52

Women in Mobility

Jeschke WIM

Statement from Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke 

For me the question has never been asked whether women and technology can go together. What else? Personally, I was fascinated by technology at an early age. My father showed me a lot. I can still see myself standing next to him at his workplace - a Swedish nuclear power plant - wearing a children's helmet and rubber boots. Not everyone has this privilege of growing up with a role model. That's why it's clear that we have to make role models visible. The DB Rail Academy is doing this, for example, with its "Women in Mobility" series. Women engineers present their projects in the "Learning Nuggets" format. They use concrete examples to show that technology is attractive, captivating and creative. And the mobility industry is an ideal field of activity, because here you can really make a difference. Technologies are not an end in themselves, but help to solve the central challenges of our time. For example, it is a fascinating social challenge to develop trains that take us from A to B in the most energy-efficient and comfortable way possible. We need to get girls interested in technology at an early age in order to increase diversity in our technology-driven organizations. This applies to all dimensions, by the way: Whether gender, age, culture, professional culture or sexual orientation. We need different perspectives, skills and people who are willing, courageous and self-confident to enter these fields. This is the only way to shape the future of mobility.


Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke 

Member of the Management Board for Digitalization and Technology, Deutsche Bahn AG


Heiko Scholz, Global Director DB Rail Academy
DB Rail Academy

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