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Performance Management

Make Performance visible

An integrated & comprehensive Performance Management System is the basis for the development of each individual employee & enables employees to make a lasting commitment to the company & to tap their performance potential. 

A Performance System makes performance transparent by systematically linking it to strategic corporate goals & operationalizing it across the entire organization. It aims to enable employees to perform at their best & to achieve this through defined individual goals in the interests of the company. To increase employee performance, goals are agreed upon, performance is assessed & incentives are created.

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Implementation of Performance Dialogues

The implementation of Performance Dialogues will improve excellence at your company. 

Implementing Performance Dialogues allows supervisors & employees to work together to communicate expectations, set employee goals, define performance metrics, conduct joint employee evaluations, and provide feedback. This allows employee goals to be continually aligned with company goals & optimize employee performance.

Development of Performance Management Measures

A central measure of performance management is target agreements, also known as management by objectives (MbO). These define concrete tasks that an employee is to achieve within a certain period of time. For achieving the goals, the employee should be rewarded with a bonus or other benefits, such as further training, to further increase motivation.

We support you in developing performance management measures that fit your system & your employees and motivate them to perform at their best!

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Performance Management Benefits

Performance & Competency Management

Closely linked

Competency & Performance Management is a holistic & ongoing process. It involves establishing a system, developing & adapting competencies based on new requirements & evaluating performance continuously. The core of Competency & Performance Management is integrating & translating company targets into systems in order to implement them in day-to-day activities.

Competency Structure

Our Competency & Performance Management Services review your existing competency & performance model to determine whether it makes sense, and support you to implement a transparent system geared toward your employees' individual development & your company's targets. As a result, you'll receive a competency model that's a better fit for you – or offers a brand new approach – including a performance & target-setting system.