Talent Profiling

Talent Profiling

Identify potential in key employees 

Out Talent Profiling Service supports you to indetify highly skilled internal talents that can take over highly critical positions for your company's success. Therefore, we can tailor our Talent Profiling methodology that is based on objective test creteria to your specific situation, taking into account your company's competency model.

Our Methodology

Objective Test Criteria

The Talent Profiling is based on the test of different performance areas.

Profiling MethodologyPlease note: this is an example for the Talent Profiling & can be tailored to the specific business situation & use case.

Categories of the results - Readiness level

Based on the results of the different performance test the assessed candidates are categorized in different levels that show their readiness to take over the forceseen position through showing the expected time for the needed development.

Categories of Results

Please note: this is an example for the categorization & can be tailored to the specific business situation & use case.

Based on the results of the Talent Profiling, different Talent Management measures can be devised to support the development of your high potential employees.

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