Mobilize your experts 

Improve your knowledge management and create a culture of learning in your company.

At Deutsche Bahn we make sure that our 3,000 trainers are always trained and familiar with the most effective methods of knowledge transfer. We know that Train-the-Trainer programs can exponentially increase learning and development and keep institutional knowledge flowing throughout your organization.

Our program is designed to equip experts with both the abilities and confidence needed to train others. You will receive the basic pedagogical tools to make trainings structured and lively. From module to module, you will develop a didactic-methodical knowledge - use this for activating and action-oriented teaching-learning processes! Develop varied training concepts and promote the competence development of your participants through sustainable learning experiences!


Our Program

Making the best trainers

We make sure that your experts know how to convey knowledge sustainably. That is why we train exactly these experts to acquire specific trainer skills and basic knowledge regarding transfer competencies and to implement the role of the trainer in the best way. Before conducting a training course, all trainers must complete the four modules for trainer qualification. We distinguish between three different trainer levels.



Our training program for Co-Trainer & Trainer 



Our training program for Master Trainer


If you have a number of candidates for Train-the-Trainer certification, we offer tailored, in-company solutions.

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