Vocational Education

Shaping the next generation

It is important for the sustainable growth of the railway sector to identify and promote young talent at an early stage. Vocational Education is a comprehensive long-term program for a sustainable competence development and that has a long tradition in Germany. It links school education with in-company development. As such, Deutsche Bahn invests heavily in its vocational education and combines theoretical courses, practical and on-the-job trainings to ensure that all newcomers are perfectly qualified for the transportation sector.

We support you with the introduction of Vocational Education in your organization by offering advice from the development of the concept to its final introduction.

Concept of an integraded system


Our Services


  • Objectives and study plans, organizational structures and processes for each module
  • Curricular development and material completion, supervisors, learning and on-the-job training
  • Business cases (based on benchmarks): financial models and scenarios
  • Marketing concepts: recruitment of potential apprentices
  • Identification of training staff, organizational structures and potential partner facilities
  • Support in certification concept
  • Development of concepts according to a rail related profession and an universal profession

 Pilot Project:

  • Detailed planning of resources (including budgeting and financing)
  • Support in the creation of organizational and physical structures
  • Recruitment plan to train staff, as well as to train staff
  • Support and conduction of pilot vocational education project

Professions for the transportation sector


You want to know how to introduce Vocational Education in your organization?

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