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About us

DB Rail Academy is a full-service training provider.

We serve the global rail and transport sector with our high quality, holistic training approach that is based on over 180 years of railway experience.

We understand what really matters within your organization and our training programs will enable you to achieve your goals. By sharing our comprehensive transport and mobility knowledge, our expert trainers will help you to develop the essential skills you need and support your continuous professional development.

Internationally recognized qualifications will not only certify your new professional status, they will make sure you are ready to meet the challenges created by future mobility requirements.

Our Mission

We inspire and shape industry.



Our Trainings

Digital Rail Manager

The program guides you through the main topics of the digitalization of the rail industry and the possible changes in operation, maintenance and interaction with customers.

Online Training Components of Rail Infrastructure & Maintenance 1

This course explains the rail system principles and the dependencies of each component to aid you improve the quality and efficiency of operations and maintenance processes.

AI for Railways: Let machines learn for you

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers endless possibilities for rail companies in terms of using data more efficiently, refining processes and developing new business models.

Online Training ETCS Fundamentals

The European Train Control System (ETCS) is a new common train protection system, which ensures increased safety and higher train frequency on the tracks.

Internet of Things: Making Rail Companies smarter

Rolling stock, infrastructure and technical systems are becoming more and more intelligent and connected so increasing the speed, efficiency and reliability of railway service.

Online Training Principles of Railway Operation 2

The objective is to enhance your know-how of planning a railway system, compiling a timetable and managing capacity for a safe and successful railway operation.

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