05.03.2020 18:25

Is Middle East prepared for future challenges in the Rail Sector?

Toprani MiddleEast Rail
Toprani MiddleEast Rail
Toprani MiddleEast Rail

Last week, our Director DB Rail Academy, Heiko Scholz, shared his experience at @the Middle East Rail Congress about how to tackle the worldwide lack of rail expert knowhow. He explained that the Middle East Railway Sector will invest more than 200 billion USD in 156 new projects by 2030. This puts more pressure on the local labor markets. The European market shows similarities in its current development. The rail sector is becoming more and more important in the fight against global warming and congestion. Car drivers in Germany spend more than 120 hours per year in urban traffic. German long-distance trains cause 200 times less carbon emission than planes and 139 times less than cars. DB already uses 57% renewable energy and will increase it to 80% by 2030. Last autumn, Germany decided to invest 86 billion Euros in the rail system, focusing on digitalization, and modernization of tracks, stations, signaling boxes and energy supply systems.

Heiko Scholz raised the question: “Where will all resources come from to cope with the exponential growth of the sector?”

DB alone will hire 100.000 new employees in next years - 25.000 just in 2020. To support the global rail sector with expertise, DB offers training and education already in 22 countries with its DB Rail Academy. Additionally, DB Rail Academy will launch an open course program at April 1st in China, Malaysia, Germany and UAE and later in other countries as well. A variety of technical and managerial courses are available for the rail and bus sector and easily can be booked online under courses.

Heiko Scholz, Global Director DB Rail Academy
DB Rail Academy

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