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Study Tours & Educational Programs

Holistic & sustainable learning 

Our long-term programs & study tours combine different contents & topics to offer an holistic overview & professionalize in an intensive & comprehensive manner.

Study Tours

Gain insights into rail business

We share knowledge, best practices & lessons learned during our 186 years of experience directly at our local facilities. Therefore, we organize Study Tours in Germany. Those small programs enable participants to gain insights into the German rail business. Elements of a Study Tour are different theoretical input sessions, site visits & excursions, networking & evening events. It combines a site visit tour of DB facilities with theoretical knowledge.


Explore the schedule & key facts of an exemplary Study Tour

exemplary schedule & key facts of a Study Tour

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Efficient & practical organized Study Tours

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Educational Programs

Intensive & comprehensive professionalizing 

Educational Programs are customer-tailored long-term training events. They combine single products or modules & include a variety of training courses & topics. An Educational Program follows a defined structure & schedule. It aims to professionalize in an intensive & comprehensive manner by illuminating different sub-topics.


Explore the schedule & key facts of an exemplary Educational Program

exemplary schedule & key facts of an educational program

As this example shows, Educational Programs can be combined with Study Tours. Furthermore, they can be held in one or more locations.

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Holistic & comprehensive training programs

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