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Talent Management

Talent Management is a constant process that involves identifying, attracting & retaining high-quality employees, developing their skills, and continuously motivating them to improve their performance. This includes identifying, attracting, and recruiting the competent workforce based on their suitability & fulfillment of the job requirement. Talent management also enables employees to grow in the company by giving them a clear career path as well as learning & development opportunities as part of the company’s succession plan.

We offer a variety of Consulting Services to develop & implement Talent Management plans that meet all of our client's needs. 

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Individual Assessments

Our Individual Assessments Services help you identify the best candidate for the position in question & assess the candidates’ level of proficiency & competence. Internal employees who are nominated by their superiors as very good performers or external candidates applying for the position will be assessed concerning their capability of taking over critical positions inside the organisation/company identifying the competency gaps.

 Based on the competency gap analysis between the employees’ competencies & their targeted job/position’s required compentencies, the employees will have a clear vision of the competencies they need to attain in order for them to take over their targeted position.

To explore more details about our Assessment procedures have a look at our Assessment Center Services.

Individual Development Plans

We develop & implement Individual Development Plans that aim at closing the gaps between the talents’ current competencies including their proficiency level & the required competencies to enable them to fill the positions they are nominated for. 

The detailed development plans include a timeframe and various development measures such as mentorship, coaching or training courses, but also the monitoring & tracking of development for employees at the client company.

Development Measures

Individual development plans are composed of multiple Development Measures of varying duration, complexity & intensity to enable the most efficient development of candidates so that they are ready to assume the designated position in the allotted time.

Three types of development measures can be distinguished:

Different kinds of development measures & list of measures

Succession Planning

We develop and implement company-wide Succession Planning processes that help create clear career paths for employees' development. 

Based on the client’s HR nomination of best performers and potential successors, the recommendation are validated by reviewing the talent profiles and matched with the competency profiles of the critical positions they are nominated for, as well as interviewing these candidates to ensure their interests & commitment.

Based on the assessment results, a profile is provided that highlights candidates' strengths & potential areas of development, as well as the positions they can fit into or potentially can fill in in the future. The individual development plan then provides guidelines how to fill the gaps by going through specific development measures.

The implementation of Succession Planning leads to a pool of potential successors which ensures the business sustainability. We thereby will transfer the knowledge to your company's concerned team to enable them to conduct the process & reassess the nominated employees as much as needed based on the IDPs timelines.

Explore more about our Succession Planning Services & have a look at our flyer that describes it in more detail.

Implementation of Talent Management

We help you implement a holistic Talent Management Program that includes all the here mentioned aspects & enables you to identify, attract, develop & retain high-qualified employees that ensure your business' sustainable success.

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